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Grand tour of Catalonia

Grand tour of Catalonia – A Jouney full of journeys

The Grand tour of Catalonia is a route to know, discover, live, taste and enjoy Catalonia with your vehicle.

It is a journey full of journeys that each traveller can adapt to their needs, organize it as they want, drive along at their own pace, at any time of the year, and choose between a bunches of experiences.

The Grand tour of Catalonia (GTC) is a revitalisation tool for the tourism sector resulting from cooperative development work. The Catalan Tourist Board, the Tourism Department from the Government of Catalonia, which includes the Network of Tourism Offices of Catalonia, and the different Province Tourist Board, has jointly produced the project: Barcelona, Costa Brava-Girona, Costa Daurada and Terres de l’Ebre, Lleida and Val d’Aran.

This tourist product proposes a multiday road trip through Catalonia to discover its main attractions in terms of heritage, nature wine and food, and encounter its people, customs and traditions.

The Grand tour of Catalonia is a tour designed based on the sustainable tourism model that drives the ACT: diversified and high-quality tourism distributed in a balanced way throughout the territory, allowing the destination to be discovered in all seasons.

In the Marketing Manual, you will find all the necessary information about the Grand Tour of Catalonia: the description, the details of the route, the promotional materials…

The Brand User Manual is also included to make it easier for companies to promote and organize the route.

Here you can download the Marketing Manual completed.


You can find much more information on the website of the Grand tour of Catalonia!


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